Grameen Service Bus Counter Cittagong 

Grameen Service Bus Counter Cittagong

Grameen Service Bus is a well-known bus transport. Grameen Service Bus is also well-known in Chittagong. Every day many people travel by Grameen Service Bus from Chittagong. People often search for information about the Grameen Service Bus counter in Chittagong. But they don’t get enough information on the internet. Are you one of them? Don’t worry. This article is for you. I will share with you details about the Grameen Service Bus counter in Chittagong. So read this following article to have your desired information.

Grameen Service Bus Counter Chittagong 

Grameen Service Bus has many counters in Chittagong. People want to have the nearest bus counter. So today I will discuss with you about all the bus counters of Grameen service Bus in Chittagong. Grameen Service Bus has seven counters in Chittagong. They are the Chittagong Bus counter, Pathorghata Bus counter, Bot Tola Bus counter, Mathbaria Bus counter, Ikari Bus counter, Pirojpur Bus counter, Amua Bus counter. Read the following article carefully.

Chittagong Bus Counter

  • 01701686955
  • 01701686956

Pathorghata Bus Counter

  • 0173-617651

Bot tola Bus Counter

  • 01713-953416

Mathbaria Bus Counter

  • 01736-176652

Ikari Bus Counter

  • 01714-572780

Pirojpur Bus Counter

  • 01726-176658

Amua Bus Counter

  • 01739-490945

I have just finished our article about the Grameen Service bus counter Chittagong. I have already given their exact contact number, so you can easily contact them. In case if they change their number on a certain counter, this number may not work. If it does not, please let me know. Because if I do not know what’s wrong, I cannot fix it. I will try to update it. Thank you so much for reading this article from beginning to end. I hope you got the information that you were looking for.