Grameen Service Bus Counter Barishal 

Grameen Service Bus Counter Barishal

Every day a huge number of buses run all over Banglkadseh from one place to another. Grameen Service Bus is one of them. Grameen Service has many counters in many districts in Bangladesh. It is the most well-known bus. It’s all over feature attracts to the passenger’s sight. Grameen Service also has bus counters in Barishal. Every day a huge number of people search for information about Grameen Service Bus counter Barishal. If you one of them, don’t worry. Today I will share with you detailed information about Grameen Service Bus Counter Barishal. So let’s start.

Grameen Service Bus Counter Barishal 

Grameen Service Bus has many counters in Barishal. We have collected all their contact numbers as well. Grameen Service Bus has twelve counters in Barishal. They are the Barishal Bus counter, Amtali Bus counter, Barguna Bus counter, Kuahata Bus counter, Kathalia Bus counter, Bagerhat Bus counter, Rayenda Bus counter, Kachua Bus counter, Mollahat Bus counter, Sonadanga Bus counter, Ryolor Mor Bus counter, Rupsa Bus counter and so on. So read the following information and pick up the desired information that you need.

Barishal Bus Counter

  • 01770-434205

Amtali Bus Counter

  • 01767-799128

Barguna Bus Counter

  • 01770-434200

Kuakata Bus Counter

  • 01770-806100

Kathalia Bus Counter

  • 01736-176658

Bagerhat Bus Counter

  • 01739-490940

Rayenda Bus Counter

  • 01739-490943

Kachua Bus Counter

  • 01736-176657

Mollahat Bus Counter

  • 01721-759285

Sonadanga Bus Counter

  • 01736-176659

Ryoler mor Bus Counter

  • 01739-490941

Rupsa Bus Counter

  • 01739-490942

I hope all the above information will be helpful for you. If you get a minimum help, please inform us by leaving a comment below. I hope all the contact numbers continue, and you will be able to contact them properly. So please stay connected with us to have more updated information. Thanks a lot for visiting our web site.