T.R Travels Bus Counter Dhaka

T.R Travels Bus Counter Dhaka

T.R Travels is one of the most popular bus services in Bangladesh. They have their branch in so many different districts. And thousands of people each day travel from different district to another district from this T.R Travels. As we already told you this is a top-rated bus transport company in Bangladesh, many people each day find some information about this bus service. Who have realized their need and here to write an article about them. But today’s article will be about the T.R Travels bus counter in Dhaka. We will try to provide the exact location of the T.R Travels bus counter in Dhaka. And also, we will try to provide the contact number of the exact bus counter in Dhaka. Read this full post from beginning to end to know the information you are looking for.

T.R Travels Bus Counter Dhaka

T.R Travels has many bus counters in the capital of our country. They provide an extensive range of services in Dhaka. As we can see below, they have many bus counters in different places in Dhaka. T.R Travels has its bus counter in Kallyanpur, Gabotoli, Gabtoli Terminal, Mohakhali, Fakirapul, Sayedabad, Arambagh, Kolabagan, Malibag, etc. We have researched and found all of their counter’s contact number in Dhaka city. We have provided them as a list in the following section. Check these out.
Kallyanpur Bus Counter

  • 02-8035964
  • 01191494864

Kallyanpur(A.C) Bus Counter

  • 02-8031189
  • 01191494865

Gabtoli Bus Counter

  • 02-9004412
  • 01191494863

Gabtoli Terminal Bus Counter

  • 01195137455
  • 01191-494865

Mohakhali Bus Counter

  • 01191-494866

Fakirapul Bus Counter

  • 01190760004

Sayedabad Bus Counter

  • 01190-760003

Arambagh Bus Counter

  • 01191-863673

Kolabagan Bus Counter

  • 01191-863674

Malibag Bus Counter

  • 01191-863675

That’s all for T.R Travels in Dhaka. I have tried to give their bus counter the exact location in Dhaka and their bus counter’s exact contact number. If you think we have given some wrong information, please let us know. If we do not know what we have mistaken, how can we solve it? Please help us to grow by commenting below. Keep coming back for different bus service information.