Sakura Paribahan Bus Schedule And Online Ticket Booking

Sakura Paribahan Bus Schedule And Online Ticket Booking

Sakura Paribahan is a known name for the northern people of Bangladesh. Especially for Dhaka and Barisal people. Sakura Paribahan is currently providing the highest number of Non AC and AC buses in the Barisal route. A huge number of people each day traveling via Sakura Paribahan. And most of the people are satisfied with their service. As of public demand, we will provide some information about Sakura Paribahan today. We will provide their bus schedule and online ticket booking process details.

Sakura Paribahan Bus Schedule

Sakura Paribahan is one of the most famous bus transport services in the north. It has a very wide-ranged service all over Bangladesh. But Sakura Paribahan is mostly known in Dhaka, Barisal, and Kuakata. Sakura Paribahan is providing its bus transport service in this route for a very long time. And also they are maintaining good customer reviews. They provide the highest number of AC and Non AC buses on the Barisal route. We have got their Dhaka to Barisal & Kuakata and Barisal & Kuakata to the Dhaka bus schedule.

  Sakura Paribahan Dhaka to Barisal & Kuakata

  • Coach No. 60 Time 8:30 min / Morning / Technical (Dhaka-Barisal)
  • Coach No. 61 Time 9:15 min / Morning / Technical (Dhaka-Barisal)
  • Coach No. 72 Time 11:05 minutes / Morning / Technical (Dhaka-Barisal)
  • Coach No. 64 Time 3:15 min / noon / technical (Dhaka-Barisal)
  • Coach No. 60 Time 9:30 mins / Night / Technical (Dhaka-Kuakata)
  • Coach No. 71 Time 10:15 min / night / technical (Dhaka-Barisal)
  • Coach No. 72 Time 11:05 minutes / night / technical (Dhaka-Barisal)

  Sakura Paribahan Barisal & Kuakata to Dhaka

  • Coach No. 60 Time 8:05 minutes / Morning / Natullabad (Barisal-Dhaka) 
  • Coach No. 71 Time 9:05 minutes / Morning / Natullabad (Barisal-Dhaka) 
  • Coach No. 63 Time 3:15 minutes / noon / Natullabad (Barisal-Dhaka) 
  • Coach No. 94 Time 6:16 min / evening / Kuakata (Kuakata-Dhaka) 
  • Coach No. 90 Time 10:05 / Night / Natullabad (Barisal-Dhaka)

This has been collected from the official Facebook page of Sakura Paribahan. They updated their post on 4th August 2020 with this schedule. But they may change their schedule in some cases that usually they don’t. We do not recommend you to rely fully on this information if you are reading this so late. You can always double-check any information from the official Facebook Page of Sakura Paribahan. It will make your journey more safe and secure. And that is what we want.

Online Bus Ticket Booking For Sakura Paribahan

Sakura Paribahan is receiving ticket booking orders from home. You can buy their tickets from anywhere in Bangladesh. You just have to go to their official website. The process is easy. Just fill-up the form and provide the information they asking for. You can pay them via many payment gateways. They are accepting Bkash, Visa Card, Mastercard, Surecash, Brac Bank, DBBL NEXUS, and so on. Read the following guideline before you take steps to buy tickets online.

Sakura Paribahan Bus Schedule And Online Ticket Booking

You can also book their tickets by calling through the following number. We have collected these numbers from their official Facebook page. You can easily book any routes ticket of Sakura Paribahan by just dialing these below numbers.

  • 01844167650
  • 01729556677

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