Shanti Paribhan Bus Counter Dhaka

Shanti Paribhan Bus Counter Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh.  There are many bus counters in Dhaka, being a populous city.  Many bus agencies travel from Dhaka to other places and from other places to Dhaka. Shanti Paribahan Bus is one of them. It is a well-known and modern bus transport. So, people always find information about the counters and the contact numbers of the Shanti Paribahan Bus. This is why today, I am here with more information about the Shanti Paribahan Bus counter in Dhaka. Shanti Paribahan Bus has many branches and counters in Dhaka. To have all the information related to the agency, please read the article carefully.

Shanti Paribhan Bus Counter Dhaka

Shanti Paribahan Bus is a famous bus transport. It has many bus counters in Dhaka. About 16 bus counters of Shanti Paribahan Bus in Dhaka. They are the Chandra Bus counter, Bipile Bus counter, Savar Bus counter, Gabtoli Bus counter, Kalyanpur Bus counter, Kalabagan Bus counter, Fakirapul Bus counter, Kamalapur Bus counter, Jonopoth more Bus counter, Chittagong Road Bus counter, Kanchpur Bus counter, Gauripur Bus counter, Abdullahpur Bus counter, Uttara Bus counter, Airport Bus counter, Baridhara (Norda0) Bus counter, etc. So read the article and find the information that you need.

Chandra Bus Counter

  • 01843-184124
  • 01684-301247
  • 01855-966821

Bipile Bus Counter

  • 01843-184113

Savar Bus Counter

  • 01853-555572

Gabtali Bus Counter

  • 01833-602862

Kalyanpur Bus Counter

  • 01818-330576

Kalabagan Bus Counter

  • 01833-602863

Fakirapul Bus Counter

  • 01706-796993

Kamalapur Bus Counter

  • 01730-376358

Jonopoth more Bus Counter

  • 01923-301889

Chittagong Road Bus Counter

  • 01710-673148

Kanchpur Bus Counter

  • 01948-281228

Gauripur Bus Counter

  • 01790-254429

AbdullahPur Bus Counter

  • 01940-449903
  • 01610-449903

Uttara Bus Counter

  • 01776-445106

Airport Bus Counter

  • 01828-227995

Baridhara (Narda) Bus Counter

  • 01791-033335

The contact numbers of the above information may change at any time. It mainly depends on the Shanti Paribahan Bus authority. I always try to add more update and correct information. If you have more information, please inform us by leaving a comment below. Please stay connected with us to have more updated information. Thanks for visiting our web site.