Green Line Bus Counter Contact Number

Green Line Bus Counter Contact Number

GreenLine Paribahan is apparently a family-owned transport company specializing in the transportation of passenger bus services since 1990. The company at present operates more than 60 (Sixty) buses. After meeting the indigenous demands, the bus agency has already spread beyond the border. Today in this article, we will be informed about the GreenLine Bus counter and the contact numbers.

GreenLine Bus Counter Number

GreenLine Bus is one of the reputed and well-known bus agencies in the country. It serves the best services to its passengers and provides the ultimate in passenger comfort and safety. So the GreenLine bus is desirable to all, and often we search the counter and contact number of the bus to book tickets or for other reasons. Here I have arranged all the counter and contact numbers of the GreenLine bus.

GreenLine Bus Counter Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital city and the most densely populated city in the country. So there are many buses in Dhaka city. GreenLine bus agency has lots of counters in Dhaka. But due to a lack of proper information, we don’t often get to the bus counter easily. This is why I have gathered here all the counter names as well as the contact number thoroughly.

Rajarbagh Bus Counter

  • 02-9342580
  • 02-9339623

Arambagh Bus Counter

  •  02-7192301
  • 01730-060009

Fakirapul Bus Counter

  • 02-7191900
  • 01730-060013

Syedabad Bus Counter

Kala bagan Bus Counter

  • 02-9133145
  • 01730-060006

Kalyanpur Khalek Pump Bus Counter

  • 02-8032957
  • 01730-060080

Kalyanpur Sohrab Bus Counter

  • 01730-060081

Uttara Ajampur Bus Counter

  • 01970-060075

Uttara Abdullahpur Bus Counter

  •  01970-060076

Badda Bus Counter

  • 01970-060074

NORDA Bus Counter

  •  01730-060098

BRTC International Bus Counter

  •  01730-060060

Golapbug Bus Counter

  •  0447-8660011

GreenLine Bus Counter Chittagong

There are also many buses of GreenLine buses in Chittagong to meet the demons of all the peoples. Look over the following information carefully and collect all the information carefully.

AK Khan Road Bus Counter

  • 031-751161
  • 01730-060021
  • 01 970-060021.

Damapara Bus Counter

  • 101970-060085
  • 031-630551

Damapara 2 Bus Counter

  • 01730-060085
  • 031-2862994

Station Road Bus Counter

  • 031-631288

GreenLine Bus Counter Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar Bus Counter, Cox’s Bazar Jowtola Bus Counter, Kolatoli Bus Counter are some most common counters of Green Line bus. I have also added the contact numbers with the counter names.

Cox’s Bazar Bus Counter

  • 01730-060074

Cox’s Bazar Jowtola Bus Counter

  • 0341-62533
  • 01730-060070

kolatoli Bus Counter

  •  0341-63747, 01970-060070

GreenLine Bus Counter  Teknaf

In Teknaf, There are four bus counters of GreenLine. I have already gathered them in the below with their counter numbers.

Dumdumia Gate Bus Counter

  • 01730-060044

Abdullah Filling Station Bus Counter

  • 01730-060046

From the island of Saint Martin Bus Counter

  •  01730-060047

GreenLine Bus Counter Sylhet

GreenLine bus is available in Sylhet, and in Sylhet, you will be able to get four counters. To get all the information, read the following information carefully.

Sylhet Subhani Gate Bus Counter

  • 01730-060036

Mazar Gate Bus Counter

  • 01970-060034

Kadamtali Bus Counter


Humayam Rashid Bus Counter

  • 01970-060036

GreenLine Bus Counter Khulna

IN Khulna, there is only one bus counter of GreenLine bus named  Khulna Bus Counter.

 Khulna Bus Counter

  • 01709-932723
  • 01730-060037
  • 041-813888

GreenLine Bus Counter Bogra

Bogra is the entrance to the northern part of Bangladesh. So GreenLine bus also serves the communication services from Bogra to other places.

Bogra Bus Counter

  • 01730-060042
  • 051-60477

GreenLine Bus Counter Rajshahi

Rajshahi Bus Counter is the only bus counter in Rajshahi whereby the bus serves all the passengers.

Rajshahi Bus Counter

  • 01730-060051
  • 0721-812350

GreenLine Bus Counter Natore

GreenLine bus is also active in Natore, and it is operating its operation properly.

 Natore Bus Counter

  •  01730-060044

GreenLine Bus Counter Rangpur

You will be able to travel by GreenLine bus from Rangpur to other places. If you are so much eager to make a journey, then read the following information carefully.

Rangpur Bus Counter

  • 01730-060041
  • 0521-66678

Green Line Bus Counter  Jessore

GreenLine bus is one of the renowned buses, and it is available in Jessore.

Benapul Bazar Bus Counter

  • 01730-060035
  • 0421-75776
  • 0421-57781

Benapole Border Bus Counter

  • 01970-060040
  • 0421-75781

I have tried my best to add here all the updated information from authentic sources. If you need more information about the topic, then let me know.