Grameen Service All Bus Counters Contact Infromation

Grameen Service All Bus Counters Contact Infromation

The Grameen service bus is an inter-district bus service which is the main hub Dhaka. It’s actually a private limited company. It has a lot of non-ac buses and also chair coach facilities. The Grameen service bus is special transportation for traveling south Bengal in Bangladesh. It provides good service at a low cost. Let’s read the full article to know the details about the Grameen Service bus counter over the whole Bangladesh.

Grameen Service Bus Counter Number

From this article, you will know the Grameen service bus’s counters number all over the country. Read this full article to know it.  Grameen Service has its bus counter in Dhaka, Chittagong, Chapainawabgonj, and Rajshahi. Here I will add the counter’s active contact number. I hope you will be helped.

Grameen Service Bus Counter In Dhaka

There are some bus counters in Dhaka city. Here you can get easily the Grameen service bus counters contact number which is situated in Dhaka city.

Saydabad Bus Counter

  • 01736-176655
  • 01770-806100

Kallyanpur Bus Counter

  • 01701686940
  • 01701686941

Mohakhali azampur Bus Counter

  • 01701686944

Grameen Service Bus Counter In Chapainawabgonj

If you want to travel to the district of mangoes Chapanawabgonj by Grameen service you can do it comfortably. The distance of Dhaka to Chapainawabgonj is 297 Kilometers. Whenever you need just call the below number.

Chapainawabgonj Bus Counter

  • 01701686900
  • 01701686901

Grameen Service Bus Counter  Rajshahi

Rajshahi is the city of ‘Education’. Now you can easily move Dhaka to Rajshahi or Rajshahi to Dhaka by the Grameen service bus. Dhaka is 247 Kilometers far from Rajshahi via highway. You will need approximately  5 hours 45 minutes for traveling on this route by Grameen Service bus.

Rajshahi Bus Counter Numer

  • 01701686920
  • 01701686921

Grameen Service Bus Counter In Chittagong

Chittagong is the heart of south Bengal. It also the commercial capital. If you want to go to the city you can it by Grameen service bus. Before traveling you have to know the distance. It’s only 266 kilometers long from Dhaka. Everyday many people are traveling Dhaka to Chittagong by this Bus. If you want, you can travel by Grameen bus.

Chittagong Bus Counter

  • 01701686955
  • 01701686956

Pathorghata Bus Counter

  • 0173-617651

Bottola Bus Counter

  • 01713-953416

Mathbaria Bus Counter

  • 01736-176652

Ikri Bus Counter

  • 01714-572780

Pirojpur Bus Counter

  • 01726-176658

Amua Bus Counter

  • 01739-490945

Grameen Service Bus Counter In Barisal

Are you waiting to travel to the Barisal district? The waiting is over. Now you can go to any districts of Barishal division by Grameen service bus. You know Barishal is the city of ‘Food’. All the bus counters number of Grameen Service buses into the Barishal division are given below.

Barisal Bus Counter

  • 01770-434205

Amtli Bus Counter

  • 01767-799128

Barguna Bus Counter

  • 01770-434200

Kuakata Bus Counter

  • 01770-806100

Kathalia Bus Counter

  • 01736-176658

Bagerhat Bus Counter

  • 01739-490940

Rayenda Bus Counter

  • 01739-490943

Kachua Bus Counter

  • 01736-176657

Mollahat Bus Counter

  • 01721-759285

Sonadanga Bus Counter

  • 01736-176659

Ryoler mor Bus Counter

  • 01739-490941

Rupsa Bus Counter

  • 01739-490942

We expect that this information will help you to travel to the above districts. If you want to know more travel relevant information just let us know in the comment box. Stay connected with us.