Get Counter Contact Number Of Econo Paribahan Bus

Econo Paribahan Bus Counter With Contact Details

Econo Paribahan is a known bus service in some of the districts of Bangladesh. Too many people every day travels through Econo Paribahan. Often people search for information about their bus service. But there is not much information available. We have been realized the need for information. So we are here today with the article about the Econo Paribahan bus counter.

Econo Paribahan Bus Counter Number

Here in this article, we will give you the exact location and contact number of the Econo Paribahan bus counter. Econo Paribahan has its bus counter in many districts of Bangladesh. They have their bus counter in Dhaka, Comilla, Noakhali, and Cox’s Bazar. Let’s check out those counter’s number in the following.

Econo Paribahan Bus Counter Dhaka

Econo Paribahan has more than ten different bus counter in the capital of Bangladesh. They have their bus counter in Kochukhet, Mirpur-1, Mirpur-10, Shyamoli, Jhigatola, Fokirapool, Saydabad, Nilkhet, etc. We have collected their number and provided in the following.

Kochukhet Bus Counter

  • 01715-491217
  •  01992-017921

Mirpur-10 Bus Counter

  • 01711-671941

Mirpur-1 Bus Counter

  • 01911-470703
  • 01992-017923

Shyamoli Bus Counter

  • 01720-095969
  • 01992-017924

Jhigatola Bus Counter

  • 01711-062399
  • 01992-017926

Fokirapool Bus Counter

  • 02-7102306
  • 01992-017930

Saydabad 1 Bus Counter

  • 01721-942474

Saydabad 2 Bus Counter

  • 01715-300165

Saydabad 5 Bus Counter

  • 01937-858737

Saydabad 6 Bus Counter

  • 01717-420256

Nilkhet Bus Counter

  • 01715-533300

Econo Paribahan Bus Counter Comilla

As we can see Econo Paribahan has a bus counter in Comilla. And it is located in Laksam. But we are sorry to let you know that we couldn’t find their contact number right now. If we find we will try to provide it below.

Laksam Bus Counter

Econo Paribahan Bus Counter Noakhali

Econo Paribahan has so many bus counters in Noakhali. As we can see below. They have more than seven bus counters in Noakhali. They have bus counter in Raipur, Dalal Bazar, Loxmipur, Jokshin, Mandaria, Bottali, Hazipara, Chandrogong, Bangla Bazar, Chowmohoni and others. We have given those counter’s numbers below.

Raipur Bus Counter 

  • 01717-492433
  • 01915-318814

Dalal bazar Bus Counter

  • 01813-173949

Loxmipur Bus Counter

  •  55738
  • 01714-438593
  • 01719-144288
  • 01813-382003

Jokshin Bus Counter

  • 01713-653244

Mandaria Bus Counter

  • 55555
  • 01711-712485

Bottali Bus Counter

  • 01716-734058
  • 01720-811558

Hazipara Bus Counter

  • 01718-515798

Chandrogong Bus Counter

  • 01715-144538

Bangla Bazar Bus Counter

  • 01726-578697

Chowmohoni Bus Counter

  • 01718-862085
  • 01718-036323
  • 01727-874312

Sonaimuri Bus Counter

  • 01719-79798

Econo Paribahan Bus Counter Cox’s Bazaar

Econo Paribahan has only one bus counter in the city of the bay. And the Econo Paribahan’s bus counter in Cox’s Bazar is located in Kalatali. We have collected the bus counter number of Kalatali. You can contact them with the following number.

Kalatali Bus Counter

  • 01992-017945

We have tried to give their exact phone number of the exact bus counter. If we have been mistaken somewhere, we do apologize. And please put a comment below and let us know about that. We will try to fix it up.