Tisha Exclusive Bus Counter Contact Number

Tisha Exclusive Bus Counter Contact Number

Tisha Exclusive is a bus service company in Bangladesh. They have their bus service in any district of Bangladesh. And so many people each day travels through this Tisha Exclusive bus service. So it is really important to know details about Tisha Exclusive’s bus counter. And that is why we are here today. Today we will be giving all of the numbers of their bus counters in Bangladesh.

Tisha Exclusive Bus Counter Number

If you need to know any important information about Tisha Exclusive, you have to know their number. People often search for that. Most of the time, people search for a bus counter’s number to know their bus schedule and ticket price. That’s why we will provide today Tisha Exclusive’s bus counter’s contact number. So you can easily reach them.

Tisha Exclusive Bus Counter Dhaka

In Dhaka, Tisha Exclusive has many bus counters. They have their bus counter in Komlapur, they have their bus counter in Arambag, they have bus counter in Bisworoad, Saydabad, etc. As you can see below. We have provided those counter’s contact number.

Komlapur Bus Counter

  • 01924-558664
  • 01913-409288
  • 01675-315856
  • 01713-526726
  • 02-9359357

Arambag Bus Counter

  • 02-7195650

Bisworoad Bus Counter

  • 01675504429
  • 01672763073

Saydabad Bus Counter

  • 01913-093039
  • 01913-026913

Tisha Exclusive Bus Counter Brahmanbaria

Tisha Exclusive has two bus counter in Brahmanbaria. One is located in Portala, another is in Ashugong Bus Counter. If you need to contact any of these bus counters, please contact through the contact number given below.

Portala Bus Counter

  • 01675969036
  • 01725689024

Ashugong Bus Counter

  • 01915083485

Comilla Tisha exclusive Bus Counter

In Comilla, Tisha Exclusive also has two bus counters. As well as Brahmanbaria. As we can see, Tisha Exclusive has their bus counter in Padua Bazar, and in Laksham. We have provided their number in the following for you.

Padua Bazar Bus Counter

  • 01782-174257

Laksham Bus Counter

  • 01782-174262

We have just completed our article about Tisha Exclusive bus counter. We hope you liked this article. We tried our best to collect all of the bus counter’s contact numbers of Tisha Exclusive. Hope this article helped you. If it really does, please put a comment and let us know.