Sugandha Paribahan- All Bus Counter Of Sugandha Paribahan

Sugandha Paribahan Bus Counter

Sugandha Paribahan is a bus service that has so many branches in some of the districts. Sugandha Paribahan is a well-known bus service. People all over Bangladesh travel through this Sugandha Paribahan every day. So many people searching for information about this company. People finding their nearest counter of this bus service. And often they need to contact the bus counters of Sugandha Paribahan. So we are here with that today. We will provide Sugandha Paribahan’s bus counters’ contact numbers in different districts.

Sugandha Paribahan Bus Counter Number

Sugandha Paribahan has bus counters in Dhaka, Barguna, Barisal, Jhalokati, Patuakhali, and also in Pirojpur. And we have collected their phone number. You can find more than one number of one bus counter. That is normal, you can contact any of those. The list of the bus counter number of Sugandha Paribahan is given in the following.

Sugandha Paribahan Bus Counter Dhaka

Sugandha Paribahan has only one bus counter in the Capital of Bangladesh. And the bus counter of Sugandha Paribahan in Dhaka is at Saydabat. They have three contact numbers on the Saydabad bus counter. Check those numbers in the following.

Saydabad Bus Counter

  • 01728-561366
  • 01915-731676
  • 01716-878556

Sugandha Paribahan Bus Counter Barguna

Sugandha Paribahan has only one bus counter in the Barguna district. As well as Dhaka right now. Why did I say ‘right now’? because they can expand their bus counter later on. But right now they have only one. Check out the Barguna Sadar’s bus counter number of Sugandha Paribahan.

Barguna Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01718591478

Sugandha Paribahan Bus Counter Barisal

In the Barisal division, Sugandha Paribahan has two bus counters. And one is located on Barisal Sadar and another is located on Nyamoti. Those two bus counter’s number has given in the following. You can easily contact them by these numbers.

Barisal Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01711-195145

Nyamoti Bus Counter

  • 01719-789040

Sugandha Paribahan Bus Counter Jhalokati

In Jhalokati, Sugandha Paribahan has one bus counter. We are sorry to tell you that, we failed to collect the contact number of Rajapur Bus Counter, Jhalokathi. If we find that, we will try to provide that below.

Rajapur Bus Counter

Sugandha Paribahan Bus Counter Patuakhali

In Patuakhali, Sugandha Paribahan has so many bus counters. But we found only one bus counter’s number in Patuakhali Sadar. They also have bus counter in

Patuakhali Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01716-865394

Kuakata Bus Counter

Khepupara Bus Counter

Amtoli Bus Counter

Dasmina Bus Counter

Golachipa Bus Counter

Sugandha Paribahan Bus Counter Pirojpur

In Pirojpur, they have four different bus counter in four different places. They have bus counter in Vandalia, Modbariya, Showrupkathi, Cowkhali. They all have a different contact number. If you want to contact them, you can easily do this. Check out the following number.

Vandaria Bus Counter

  • 01712-779540

Modbariya Bus Counter

  • 01813-720559

Showrupkathi Bus Counter

  • 01711-219860

Cowkhali Bus Counter

  • 01716-104633

That’s all for today’s post. This article was about the bus counter of Sugandha Paribahan. We hope that you have liked this article. If you want to know more, or if you have more questions in your mind about Sugandha Paribahan, please put a comment below and let us know.