Star Line Bus Counter Dhaka

Star Line Bus Counter Dhaka

Star Line bus transport service has so many bus counters all over Bangladesh. It is a known name amongst many travelers in our country. But today, we will not write about their service all over Bangladesh. We will only talk about Star Line’s service in Dhaka. In our capital, they have a bunch of bus counters. And today, we will try to find out the exact location of their bus counters in Dhaka. If you want to know their exact locations and their bus counter’s contact numbers, read this article from beginning to end. So let’s start now.

Star Line Bus Counter Dhaka

As we will see from the list, they have more than ten bus counters in Dhaka. The exact number of their bus counters in Dhaka is huge. But it may decrease or increase in some cases. So we are not writing down the exact number. Star Line has their bus counter in Abdullahpur, Uttara, Airport, NORDA, Badda, Banasree. Kachukhet, Mirpur, Magda, Maniknagar, Sayedabad, Chittagong Road, etc. The good news is we have got all of their counter’s contact number. And those numbers were given in this below list. Just pick their number and call them to if you need to know more.

G Ali Bus Counter

  • 01973-259542

Abdullahpur Bus Counter

  • 01973-259514

Uttara Bus Counter

  • 01973-259513

Airport Bus Counter

  • 01973-259512

NORDA Bus Counter

  • 01973-259511

Badda Bus Counter

  • 01973-259516

Banasree Bus Counter

  • 01973-259548

Kacukhet Bus Counter

  • 01973-259505

Mirpur 10 Bus Counter

  • 01973-259506

Mirpur 1 Bus Counter

  • 01973-259507

Arambagh Bus Counter

  • 01973-259524

Fakirapul Bus Counter

  • 01973-259525

Magda Bus Counter

  • 01973-259503

TT Para Bus Counter

  • 01973-259651

Maniknagar Bus Counter

  • 01973-259652

Sayedabad-3 Bus Counter

  • 01973-259693

Sayedabad-6 Bus Counter

  • 01973-259653

Chittagong Road Bus Counter

  • 01973-259606

kachpur Bus Counter
Rafiqul Islam & Ali Hossain

  • 01687-480569

If any of their counter’s number doesn’t work. Kindly don’t stress. They can change their number whenever they want. It is up to them. We trust these numbers are as of now active. If It isn’t, it would be ideal if you let us know. We will attempt to refresh it and update it soon. We are hoping that this article may help you. You can likewise tell us about that by putting a comment on the off chance that it truly did. Have a pleasant day. Please keep coming back to our site for all the new updates about bus transport.