Sony Paribahan Bus Counter With Counter Contact Details

Sony Paribahan Bus Counter With Counter Contact Details

Sony Paribahan is a famous bus service among some of the districts in our country. This service runs on more than three different districts. We got information about the Sony Paribahan’s bus counter in Dhaka, Natore, Rajshahi, Kushtia, and Pabna. So they are widely spread. They are providing their service in many different districts. Not only the district, but they also have branches in the Capital of Bangladesh. In the divisional district and in the normal districts too. So today we will see some of the counter’s contact numbers of Sony Paribahan. So let’s see it in the following.

Sony Paribahan Bus Counter Number

People often need numbers of their nearest bus counter. Not only the nearest, some times they need some information about a bus from far away. Because of travel issues. People need to know information about when the bus will start and when it gonna arrive. Like the schedule. So they need to contact the counter. We have Sony Paribahan’s counter number.

Sony Paribahan Bus Counter Dhaka

In the Capital of our country, Sony Paribahan has so many bus counters. You can see them below. In so many places Sony Paribahan has its bus counters. We have collected those counter’s number and tried to provide to you. Each of the bus counter in Dhaka has different numbers. So be careful where you are calling. First, decide which of their counter’s information you need.

Kallanpur Bus Counter

  • 01711-150005

Technical Bus Counter

  • 01712-161967

Gabtoli Bus Counter

  • 01712-638317

Baipail Bus Counter

  • 01915-410367

Sony Paribahan Bus Counter Natore

In Natore they have too many bus counters. the Natore is a not so big district bus Sony Paribahan is trying to catch the whole Natore city. Because they have so many counters there. As you can see below. They have branches in the Rajapur, Bonapara, Gopalpur and so many different places. Just check them below, their contact numbers also included.

Rajapur Bus Counter

  • 01712-787690

Bonpara Bus Counter

  • 01712-666649

Lalpur Bus Counter

  • 01711-103484

Gopalpur Bus Counter

  • 01716-974999

Daiarampur Bus Counter

  • 01716-1921214

Kachikata Bus Counter

  • 01725-899881

Sony Paribahan Bus Counter Pabna

In the Pabna district, Sony Paribahan has three different bus counter in three different places. It has a bus counter on Ishwardi, It has a bus counter on Dashuriya and Sony Paribahan also has a bus counter in Muladuli. We have collected all of these areas bus counters numbers of Sony Paribahan. And we have given those numbers in the following. Check out on those now.

Ishardi Bus Counter

  • 01711-373938

Dashuriya Bus Counter

  • 01712-627840

Muladuli Bus Counter

  • 01713-700738

Sony Paribahan Bus Counter Rajshahi

We all know Rajshahi is a division. and it is a divisional district. Sony Paribahan has a bus counter in the Rajshahi district. And it is the Bagha bus counter. We can see only one bus counter in the Rajshahi district. If you want to contact with Rajshahi branch of Sony Paribahan, you have to contact the following number.

Bagha Bus Counter

  • 01712-960655

Sony Paribahan Bus Counter Kushtia

As we can see, in Kushtia Sony Paribahan has four different bus counters. And their contact number is also different. If you want to talk with Kushtia Sadar’s bus counter of Sony Paribahan, you have to call in the exact number in the following. Look out on how many branches they have in the Kushtia district.

Kushtia Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01720-506967

Veramara Bus Counter

  • 01711-334036

Paksi Bus Counter

  • 01716-080473

Autapara Bus Counter

  • 01714-750225

Sony Paribahan has a wide service in Bangladesh. As we can see they have their counters in more than three different districts of Bangladesh. If you want to contact them, you can easily do it. You can directly call them up and ask any questions. But remind that questions should be on their bus and travel related. Like, you can ask their bus schedule, their bus ticket price, etc.