List Of Private Bus Operator In Bangladesh

List Of Private Bus Operator In Bangladesh

Private Bus Operators made our bus transport service full filled. It made our communication easy. There are so many Private Bus Operators in Bangladesh. And the number is increasing day by day. As communication becoming more widespread. There are huge numbers of Private Bus Operators in our country. There are Local Private Bus Operators and also Counter Bus Operators. Today we will try to give the list of some private bus operators in Bangladesh. They are currently running and are active on the road in case no accident. So let us begin to see the list.

Private Bus Operator In Bangladesh

There are some very popular private bus operators and some operators are hardly known. We will not define them as popular or hardly known. We will just try to provide the whole list. So you can easily point out any of the private bus operators easily. We have got a list of almost 200 private bus operators in Bangladesh. Look out the list in the following.

Bus Service Provider Bus Service Provider Bus Service Provider
Nabil Paribahan Bablu Paribahan Nirala Super Service
AC Delux Modern-Line Rajdhani Express
T.R Travels Meherpur Delux Razib Enterprise
SR Travels Shah Fathe Ali Poribahsn Rof Rof Ent. Pvt.Ltd
Sony Paribahan Saad super Deluxe Paribahan Shahi Paribahan
Shurjomokhi Paribahan Saira Paribahan SB Super Delux
Shoukhin Paribahan Sarker Travels Shanti Paribhan
Shohag Paribahan Rasel Enterprise Sharbik Paribahan
Sealine New Rajshai Deluxe Sky Line
SB Delux Rajbari Paribahan SM Paribahan
Salma Paribahan S.P Gloden line Sonat Toree
Saudia Paribahan  Sapla Paribahan  Special Dreamland
Sky Line MR Enterprise Star Line Special
S.P Gloden line Prince Exclusive Sugandha Paribahan Ltd
S Alam Alam Ruposhi Bangla Surovi Paribahan
Mohanogor Sakura Tisha exclusive
Rojena enterprise Modhumoti Unique Service
Prince Exclusive Mohanogor V.I.P
Porjotok Ovi Enterprise Special Service
Padma Enterprise Polash Paribahan Sheba Paribahan
Binimoy Paribahan Pabna Express Shurjomokhi Paribahan
Ekono Paribahan Subarna Paribahan Razib Enterprise
Hanif Paribahan Al-Arafa  S.K Transport
Akota Paribahan Grameen Paribahan  Kornofuli Paribahan
Jahangir Paribahan KINGS Bus Service MM Paribahan
Eagle Paribahan Al-Rafi paribahan N.P Paribahan
Bikash Paribahan Kohinur Paribahan S.I. Enterprise
Al Baraka Paribahan bd Al Mobarak Ltd Jaker Enterprise
Dhaka Express Dream Line Darsana Deluxe
Shatkhira Express bd Shamoli Paribahan DR Enterprise
Jotika Paribahan Ara Paribahan bd Ltd Digonto Paribahan
National Paribahan Ashraf Enterprise JR Paribahan
Mamun Enterprise Jolsiri  AK Travels
Haque Enterprise Azmiri Enterprise Dreamland
Agomony Paribahan Asia Line Chuadanga Delux
Khalek Paribahan Alam Asia Ena tranport pvt Ltd
Keya Paribahan Agarosindhu Modern Enterprise
Nirapad Paribahan Comfort Line Falguni Paribahan
Druti paribahan  Abdullah Paribahan  Anando Delux
Azmari Paribahan Ahamed Paribahan Chondra Paribahan
Bilash Paribahan AC Super Dola Paribahan Ltd
Green Line Paribahan Banoful Transport Dhalessory Seating Service
Private Bus Operator In Bangladesh
SILK LINE- A private bus service in Bangladesh

That’s it. We have almost covered up all the Private bus operators in Bangladesh. Some of these bus operators can be inactive in some cases. But most of them are active and successfully running their bus transport business in our country. And these bus operators are licensed by Bangladeshi Government. And they are part of our daily travel. These private sectors made bus transport very handy to the normal citizens of our country. Because there are not enough governmental bus services available. If they do not run their service, the whole bus transport service may collapse. So the Private bus operators are playing a vital role in the road.