Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Contact Details

Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Contact Details

The Kornofuli Paribahan is a widely spread bus service in Bangladesh. Why I said widely spread? because Kornofuli Paribahan has so many bus counter in so many districts in Bangladesh. We found their bus counter in thirteen different districts. That’s a huge number. So many people every day traveling through this Kornofuli Paribahan. So today we will give the location of their bus counter and the contact number will also be added. Let’s check out on all of these now.

Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Number

People need a bus counter number for many reasons. Often people need to contact the nearest bus counter. We understood the need and tried to provide the contact number of Kornofuli Paribahan in more than thirteen districts. Every bus counter has a different counter number. First, try to which of the counter you need to contact.

Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Dhaka

In Dhaka, they have only two bus counter. And the bus counters are located in Saydabad and Chand Para. We’ve given the counter number in the following. You can contact them at any time you want. Make sure you ask them their bus service-related questions.

Saydabad Bus Counter

  • 01926-186782

Chand para Bus Counter

  • 01918698536

Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Narayanganj

In the Narayanganj city, Kornofuli Paribahan has three bus counter in three different places. They have their bus counter in Narayanganj Sadar, Forulla a Postogola. If you need to contact them you can do it. You have to collect these below number and contact them.

Narayanganj Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01917-616731

Fotulla Bus Counter

  • 01734-069145

Postogola Bus Counter

  • 01717-132492

Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Narsingdi

Kornofuli Paribahan has only one bus counter in Narsingdi district. And it is in Mod Badi. If you need to contact with Mood Badi bus counter you can do it by dialing in the following number. It is the contact number of the Mod Badi bus counter of Kornofuli Paribahan.

Mod Badi Bus Counter

  • 016728-026632

Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Dinajpur

In Dinajpur, they have only one bus counter. It is in Birgong, Dinajpur. Kornofuli Paribahan has a popular fan base in Kishoreganj. People travel frequently in the Kishoreganj branch of Kornofuli Paribahan. The contact number is given below.

Birgong Bus Counter

  • 01715-170433

Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Kurigram

Kornonofuli Paribahan has three bus counter in Kurigram district. You can find their bus counter in Ulipur, Durgapur, Chittolmari. We’ve given the contact number in the following. Check it now to reach Kornofuli Paribahan

Ulipur Bus Counter

  • 01724-389145

Durgapur Bus Counter

  • 01717-523912

Chittolmari Bus Counter

  • 01717-084162

Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Panchagarh

Kornofuli Paribahan bus counter has only one branch in Panchagarh. They have their bus counter in Boda, Pacnchagarh. If you need to contact them. You can easily contact with Boda, Panchagarh branch of

Boda Bus Counter

  • 01731-285320

Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Rangpur

In Rangpur, Kornofuli Paribahan also has a bus counter. They have three bus counter in Rangpur now. As we can see in the following. Their bus counter’s number has been given. If you need to contact them, you can call them directly from the below number.
Vulli Bus Counter

  • 01723-275447

Vurangamai Bus Counter

  • 01723-206933

Pabra Bus Counter

  • 01913-813894

Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Chittagong

In the port city of Bangladesh, Kornofuli Paribahan has its bus counter. And it is in Alankar. If you want to contact with the Alankar bus counter of Kornofuli Paribahan, you can contact the below number.

Alankar Bus Counter

  • 01718-446690

Kornofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Kishoreganj

They also have a bus counter in Kishoreganj. Kornofuli Paribahan has only one bus counter on this district. And you can contact them and ask them their bus service related question. You can ask them any questions at this below number. Here is the number of Kishoreganj Sadar Bus Counter of Kornofuli Paribahan.

Kishoreganj Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01712-932772

This article was about Kornofuli Paribahan’s bus counter contact details. They have so many bus counters all over Bangladesh. We tried our best to collect their contact number. If you want to know more about Kornofuli Paribahan, please put a comment below.