Some Important Information About Jaker Enterprise Bus Counter | Jaker Bus Contact Number

Jaker Enterprise Bus Counter Contact Number

Jaker Enterprise is a popular bus service in our country. They have their branches is so many districts. We have got their bus service branch’s information. As we can see in the below section. They have their branches in more than four districts in Bangladesh. That means so many people every day travels through this Jaker Enterprise bus. And also so many people finding information about this bus service. That is why we are here today.

Jaker Enterprise Bus Counter Number

Here you will find the Jaker Enterprises bus counter number in Dhaka, Faridpur, Joypurhat, Barisal, and Gopalganj. Here can be more than one bus counter in one district and more than one contact number. Those numbers will be given in the following section. We have divided it into district wise.

Jaker Enterprise Bus Counter Dhaka

In the Capital of Bangladesh, Jaker Enterprise has two bus counters. And those bus counter of Jaker Enterprise located in Gabtoli and Kallanpur. We have given their contact number in the following. Kallanpur bus counter has two contact numbers.

Gabtoli Bus Counter

  • 01675-192985

Kallanpur Bus Counter

  • 01720-553988
  • 01916-970617

Jaker Enterprise Bus Counter Faridpur

Jaker Enterprise has six bus counter in the Faridpur district. Each of there bus counter has a different contact number. Jaker Enterprise has its bus counter in Faridpur, Topkhola, Boalmari, Sohorail, Alphadanga, and in Mollikgong. Check out their number below.

Faridpur Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01712-424134

Topkhola Bus Counter

  • 01712-956230

Boalmari Bus Counter

  • 01716-532466

Shohorail Bus Counter

  • 01712-488465

Alphadanga Bus Counter

  • 01713-528755

Mollikgong Bus Counter

  • 01717-530863

Jaker Enterprise Bus Counter Joypurhat

In Joypurhat, Jaker Enterprise has only three bus counters. And their each bus counter in Joypurhat has a different contact number. They have their bus counter in Joypurhat Sadar, Pachbibi, and Hili. The contact number of those bus counter has been given in the following.

Joypurhat Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01912-626780

Pachbibi Bus Counter

  • 01914-813082
  • 01712-037971

Hili Bus Counter

  • 01719-418632

Jaker Enterprise Bus Counter Barisal

Jaker Enterprise has many bus counter in the Barisal district. They have a bus counter in Gouronodi, Barisal Sadar, Poishar Hut, Lahuria, etc. We have been given their number for you in the following. You can contact them anytime and ask them their bus service-related questions.

Gournondi Bus Counter

  • 01813-914956

Barisal Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01718-510322

Poishar Hut Bus Counter

  • 01716-214117

Lahuria Bus Counter

  • 01919-462490

Jaker Enterprise Bus Counter Gopalganj

In Gopalganj, They only have one bus counter. And the only bus counter in Gopalganj of Jaker Enterprise is located in Kotalipara. If you need to contact with the Kotalipara Bus Counter of Jaker Enterprise, you can do this easily. Just contact the following number.

Kotalipara Bus Counter

  • 01721-311035

Why do you need to call those bus counters? There can be many reasons. But most of the time people find information about the Jaker Enterprise bus service. People wanna know the bus schedule and ticket price. And so many other bus-related questions. That is why it is really important to know the bus counter’s number.