Econo Paribahan Bus Counter Dhaka

Econo Paribahan Bus Counter Dhaka

Econo Paribahan is a known bus service in Dhaka, so many people travel through this bus service in Dhaka. People often search for some information about this bus service. People often need to know the exact location of their bus service and the bus counter’s contact number. That is why we are here today. In today’s article, we will provide the exact location of their bus counter and their bus counter’s contact number.

Econo Paribahan Bus Counter Number

We have collected those counter’s contact number of Econo Paribahan in Dhaka. If you want to contact them, you can easily do this using those numbers. There are different contact numbers of different bus counters. All of them are in Dhaka. Let’s check them out in the following.

Econo Paribahan Bus Counter Dhaka

In Dhaka, Econo Paribahan has so many bus counters. Econo Paribahan has its bus counter in Kochukhet Bus Counter, Mirpur -10, Mirpur -1, Shyamoli, Jhigatola, Fokirapool, Saydabad 1, Nilkhet, etc. We have collected all of their numbers on those locations. And those numbers were provided in the following section. Check these all out to get their contact number.
Kochukhet Bus Counter

  • 01715-491217
  • 01992-017921

Mirpur-10 Bus Counter

  • 01711-671941

Mirpur-1 Bus Counter

  • 01911-470703
  • 01992-017923

Shyamoli Bus Counter

  • 01720-095969
  • 01992-017924

Jhigatola Bus Counter

  • 01711-062399
  • 01992-017926

Fokirapool Bus Counter

  • 02-7102306
  • 01992-017930

Saydabad 1 Bus Counter

  • 01721-942474

Saydabad 2 Bus Counter

  • 01715-300165

Saydabad 5 Bus Counter

  • 01937-858737

Saydabad 6 Bus Counter

  • 01717-420256

Nilkhet Bus Counter

  • 01715-533300

That’s all for Econo Paribahan in Dhaka. We have given more than five counter’s contact number in the upper section. Sometimes their number can be changed. So if you could not reach them with the number, please let us know by commenting below. We will try to update their number as soon as we know.