Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Contact Number

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Contact Number

Eagle Paribahan is a well-known bus service in many districts of Bangladesh. Especially in the capital Dhaka. So many people every day travel through this Eagle Paribahan. So it is really important to know some information about this bus service and bus counters of Eagle Paribahan. That is why we are here today with so many bus counters number of Eagle Paribahan. We have tried to provide all of their bus counters number to you. So you can easily contact them.

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Number

Why do people need the bus counter number? People need Eagle Paribahan’s bus counters number because often some people need to know some information related to their bus service. Such as, people may need to know the schedule or ticket price or anything related to their bus service.

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Dhaka

Eagle Paribahan has many bus counters in the Capital of Bangladesh. The number is huge. As we can see below, they have more than twenty bus counters in Dhaka. They have their bus counters in Kalyanpur, Gabtali, Panthapath, Motijheel, Asad Gate, Victoria, Fakirapul and so more. If you need to contact them, please use those numbers we have provided below.

Kalyanpur-1 No Bus Counter

  • 01779-492989

Gabtali-2 No Counter Bus Counter

  • 01779-492999

Kalyanpur-2 No Bus Counter

  • 01793-328037

Gabtali-6 No Bus Counter

  • 01793-328033

Gabtali-5 No Bus Counter

  • 01779-493156

Panthapath Bus Counter

  •  01779-492927

Motijheel Bus Counter

  • 01793-328222

Asad Gate Bus Counter

  • 01779-492926

Syedabad Bus Counter

  • 01779-492926

Fakirapul Bus Counter

  • 01779-492952

Victoria Park Bus Counter

  • 01712-129098

Golapbag Bus Counter

  • 01973-328064

Badda Bus Counter

  • 01793-327814

Malibag Bus Counter

  • 01793-327813

Bashundhara Gate Bus Counter

  • 01793-327840

Uttara Housing Building Bus Counter

  • 01793-327892

Abdullahpur Bus Counter

  • 01793-327856

Nabinagar Bus Counter

  • 01920-755158

Savar Bus Counter

  • 01781-801901

Gazipur College Gate Bus Counter

  • 01780-277889

Manikganj Bus Counter

  • 01718-036097

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Chittagong

As we can see, Eagle Paribahan has many bus counters in Chittagong. They have so many bus counters there. And some of the bus counters have more than one contact number. They have their bus counters in Damapara, AK Khan Road, Nevie Gate, BTRC, Station Road, etc. We have given the contact number of these in the following section.

Damapara Bus Counter

  • 01974-236239
  • 01793-327939

AK Khan Road Bus Counter

  • 01974-236240
  • 01793-327943

Nevie Gate Bus Counter

  • 01974-236241

BTRC Bus Counter

  • 01974-236238
  • 01793-327916

Station Road Bus Counter

  • 01745-000220

Olongkar Bus Counter

  • 01974-236248

Bandarban Bus Counter

  • 01818-950605

Kaptai Bus Counter

  • 01829-380970

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Cox’s Bazar

Eagle Paribahan has four different bus counters in Cox’s Bazar. They have their bus counter in Jhautala, Eidgah, Kalatoli, Sea Hill, Albert Hotel, Kalatoli, etc. We have tried our best to collect those numbers for you. The contact numbers are given below.

Jhautala Bus Counter

  • 01556-411429
  • 01779-493013

Eidgah Bus Counter

  • 01675-9211729

Kalatoli, Sea Hill Bus Counter

  • 01779-493036

Alberts Hotel, Kalatoli Bus Counter

  • 01779-493026

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Khagrachari

In Khagrachari, Eagle Paribahan has one bus counter. And that one bus counter is located in College Road, Narikel Bagan of Khagrachari. We have found three different numbers of the bus counter. We have given those in the following.

College Road, Narikel Bagan Bus Counter

  • 01557-272747
  • Manager 01846-504185
  • 01849-878515

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Jessore

Eagle Paribahan has three different bus counters in Jessore. We have found different numbers of their different bus counters. We have a contact number of Manihara Normal Bus Counter, Manihar Chair Bus, and New Market Bus Counter of Eagle Paribahan in Jessore.

Manihara Normal Bus Counter

  • 0421-63416

Manihar Chair Bus Counter

  • 0421-64443

New Market Bus Counter

  • 0421-67069

Gharikhana Bus Counter

  • 0421-67346

Basundia Bus Counter

  • 0421-67346

Nawaya Para Bus Counter

  • 02421-44413

Benapul Bus Counter

  • 01793-327969

Ihikargacha Bus Counter

  • 01711-475087

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Khulna

In Khulna, Eagle Paribahan has so many bus counters. They have bus counter in Shibbari, in Royal Bus Counter, Notun Rasta Bus Counter, Sonadanga Bus Counter, Fultola, Paikgacha, and in Daulatpur. We have tried to collect their contact number and provide it to you. Let’s have a look.

Shibbari Bus Counter

  • 041-724760

Royal Bus Counter

  • 041-725770

Notun rasta Bus Counter

  • 01999-935189

Sonadanga Bus Counter

  • 041-731160

Fultola Bus Counter

  • 01915-020213

Paikgacha Bus Counter

  • 01711-450520

Daulatpur Bus Counter

  • 01793-570968

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Sathkira

Eagle Paribahan has two different bus counters with different contact numbers in the Satkhira district. If you need to know some information about this bus service in Satkhira. We have provided their contact numbers for you, so you can easily contact them.

Satkhira Bus Counter

  • 01793-327988

Shyamnagar Bus Counter

  • 01756-268088

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Magura

In Magura city, Eagle Paribahan has two bus counters. One bus counter is in Magura-1 and another is Magura-2. They both have a different contact number. If you want to contact the Magura branch of Eagle Paribahan you can easily do this from these below numbers.

Magura-1 Bus Counter

  • 0488-62870

Magura-2 Bus Counter

  • 01861-378769

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Narail

In Narail, Eagle Paribahan has only two branches. As we can see below, Eagle Paribahan has two bus counters in Narail. One is in LakshiPasha bus counter and another is the Narail Bus counter. The contact number has been given in the following.

LakshiPasha Bus Counter

  • 04823-56423

Narail Bus Counter

  • 0481-62689

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Barisal

Eagle Paribahan has so many bus counters in the city of river Barisal. As you can see below. They have their bus counter in Rahmatpur, Barisal Central Bus Counter, Sanauhar Bus Counter, Barisal Gaurnadi Bus Counter, Rajoir, Barisal Bhaurghata, etc. We have given those counters number in the following.

Rahmatpur Bus Counter

  • 01754-905187

Barisal Central Bus Counter

  • 0431-62975
  • 01712-562762

Sanauhar Bus Counter

  • 01716-558161

Barisal Gaurnadi Bus Counter

  • 01712-857312
  • 01724-323281

Rajoir Bus Counter

  • 01716-212247

Barisal Bhaurghata Bus Counter

  •  01711-008028

Nesarabad Upazila Bus Counter

  • 01727-570271

Mathbaria Bus Counter

  • 01713-952284

Bhandaria Upazila Bus Counter

  • 01718-679116

Jhalakathi Bus Counter

  • 01716-422580

Khepupara Bus Counter

  • 01760-277706

Patuakhali Bus Counter

  •  01723-399094

Barguna Bus Counter

  • 01736-768008

Kuakata Bus Counter

  • 01710-594170

Barguna Amtali Bus Counter

  • 01728-562916

Galachipa Bus Counter

  • 01748-902613

Amua, Kanthalia Bus Counter

  • 01742-661143

There are so many bus counters of Eagle Paribahan in many different districts of Bangladesh. You can contact them and ask them their bus service-related questions. If you need to know their bus schedule, ticket price, you can easily contact them with those numbers given by us.