Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Chittagong

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Chittagong

Eagle Paribahan is a bus transport service in our country. It is one of the well-known bus services in Chittagong. Eagle Paribahan has many bus counters in the Chittagong district. People daily travel through their bus. People go from one place to another with Eagle Paribahan in Chittagong. Often, some people search for some information about Eagle Paribahan. And that is why we are here today, with the article, Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter. Today we will give you the location and contact numbers of Eagle Paribahan’s bus counter in Chittagong.

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Chittagong

As we can see, Eagle Paribahan runs a wide transport service in Chittagong. They have so many bus counters there. They have almost eight different bus counters in eight different locations in Chittagong. This number may increase or decrease. This is totally up to them. But in this current situation, they are running their service on these eight different bus counter. They have their bus counter in Damapara, AK Khan Road, Nevie Gate, BRTC Bus Counter, Station Road, Kaptai, etc. We have just collected their contact numbers. Watch out for those in the following.

Damapara Bus Counter

  • 01974-236239
  • 01793-327939

AK Khan Road Bus Counter

  • 01974-236240
  • 01793-327943

Nevie Gate Bus Counter

  • 01974-236241

BTRC Bus Counter

  • 01974-236238
  • 01793-327916

Station Road Bus Counter

  • 01745-000220

Olongkar Bus Counter

  • 01974-236248

Bandarban Bus Counter

  • 01818-950605

Kaptai Bus Counter

  • 01829-380970

In case if any of their counter’s number does not work. Please do not worry. They can change their number at any time. We hope all of these numbers are currently active. It is not; please let us know. We will try to update it as soon as we can. We hope and pray that this article about Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Chittagong may help you. If it really did, you can also let us know about that by putting a comment. Have a nice day.