Year 71 Paribahan Bus Counter

The Year-71 bus is one of the renowned buses in the country. Like all the buses, the main aim of the bus is to improve the communication service and serves the comfortable, safe, and exciting journey. Day by day, the bus is being popular to all for its best services. Presently, the bus has already been set up many counters or spread its range. Now the bus is available in most of the districts of the country.

Year-71 Bus Counter Number

Year-71 is available in Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar and if you want to travel from these places by Year-71 bus then this topic is for you. In this article, I will share with you all the Year-71 Bus counters as well their contact numbers in detail. So, not to waste time, keep reading the article carefully.

Year-71 Bus Counter Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital and most populous city of Bangladesh. In the capital city, about all the bus agencies have bus counters. Year-71 Bus is one of them. In most of the places in Dhaka, Year-71 Bus has counter like Gabtili, Kalyanpur, Panthapath and so many. Here I have arranged all the counter names as well as the contact numbers.

Gabtali Bus Counter

  • 01971-078801

Kalyanpur Bus Counter

  • 01971-078802

Panthapath Bus Counter

  • 01971-078810

Fakirapul Bus Counter

  • 01971-078803

Golapbag Bus Counter

  • 01917-078820

Syedabad Bus Counter

  • 01917-078807

Year-71 Bus Counter Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is one of the main districts where Year-71 Bus has available buses in operation. Jhaotala Road, Sugandha Morr, Sea Hill Hotel, Dolphinmoor are the place you will get the Year-71 Bus counter. I have also added the contact numbers of the bus counters.

Jhaotala Road Bus Counter

  • 01971-078811

Sugandha Morr Bus Counter

  • 01874-319430

Sea Hill Hotel Bus Counter

  • 01971-078813

Dolphinmoor Bus Counter

  • 01531-822876

That’s all about the Year-71 Bus counter. I think, all these will be enough for you. To get more information about the Year-71 Bus then leave a comment below. Thank you.