Unique Bus Counter Contact Number

Unique Bus Counter Contact Number

The Unique Bus is a local bus transport company in Bangladesh. The unique Bus service has many bus counters in the certain locale of Bangladesh. Numerous people travel through this Unique Bus starting with one spot then onto the next. What’s more, people regularly search for some data identified with this bus service. Today we are here with the article Unique Bus counter. We will give their bus counters’ area and telephone number so you can get in touch with them.

Unique Bus Counter Number

It is really important to know the contact number of a bus counter. If you ask me why it is very simple. Suppose you want to know the Unique bus service schedule, and you need to contact the nearest bus counter of the Unique bus service. What will you do? You will need their contact number. That is why it is important.

Unique Bus Counter Dhaka

In Dhaka, the Unique bus service has some bus counters. Unique has its bus counter in many places of our capital. They have their bus counter in Gabtoli, Kallanpur, Asadgate, Shukrabad, Fakirapul, etc. We have got their bus counter’s contact numbers. We have provided those below.

Gabtoli Bus Counter

  • 01190-806447
  • 0290027710,
  • 01963-622223

Kallanpur Bus Counter

  • 01197-160992

Asadgate Bus Counter

  • 9233810
  • 029133917
  • 01963-622255

Shukrabad Bus Counter

  • 01190-806448

Fakirapul Bus Counter

  • 011190806449
  • 027195761
  • 027195988
  • 01963-622226
  • 01963-622227

Komlapur Bus Counter

  • 9337846

Saydabad Bus Counter

  • 01191406367
  • 02-7546377
  • 01963-622234

Chittagong Road Bus Counter

  • 01819-692979
  •  01963-622237
  • 01819-692079

Kachukhet Bus Counter

  • 01711023886

Mirpur 10 Bus Counter

  • 02-8054813
  • 01963-622240

Nardda Bus Counter

  • 01963-622238
  • 01559-666468

Golapbagh Bus Counter

  • 02-7540027
  • 01963-622232

Unique Bus Counter Sirajganj

In Sirajganj, the Unique bus service has only one bus counter. If you want to be in touch with them. Please collect the following number. We have provided the Sirajganj Sadar bus counter’s number of Unique Bus.

Sirajganj Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01963-622277
  • 01712-135633

Unique Bus Counter Bandarban

In Bandarban, the Unique bus also has only one bus counter. As well as in Sirajganj. If you need the contact number of the Unique Bus Counter in Bandarban, please take it from the following.

Unique Service Bus Counter

  • 01553208010

Unique Bus Counter Chittagong

The unique bus counter is well known in Chittagong. They have many bus counters there. They have bus counter branch in Navy Hospital bus counter, E.P.Z Road bus counter, Halis Pur Bus Counter, etc. We have got all of their numbers and provided in the following section.

Navy hospital Bus Counter

  • 031-800351
  • 01963-622257

E.P.Z Road Bus Counter

  • 800351

Halis Pur Bus Counter

  • 724373

Vatiari Bazar Bus Counter

    • 04433320269

Sitakundu Bus Counter

  • 04434484686

Baiyar Hut Bus Counter

  • 01819613116

Dam Para Bus Counter

  • 01724452007

Sheik Mujib Road Bus Counter

  • 01197292397

A.K Khan Road Bus Counter

  • 2770983

3 Part Connection Road Bus Counter

  • 751108

Unique Bus Counter Cox’s Bazar

Unique bus service has some bus counters in Cox’s Bazar districts. We have searched and found their exact location. We have also collected the contact number. So you can easily get in touch with them and know the information you want to know.

Jhoutola Bus Counter

  • 01191275328

Hottel sea park Bus Counter

  • 01191275329

Chokoria Bus Counter

  • 01198096360
  • 01985-650479
  • 01689-840531

Eid Gah Bus Counter

  • 01554341303

Unique Bus Counter Rangamati

The unique bus service has so many bus counter in the Rangamati district. They have their bus counter in Toblacori, C-Medical Bus counter, New Market Bus Counter, Kollanpur Bus counter, etc. If you need to contact them all, you can easily do this. Their numbers were provided below.

Toblacori Bus Counter

  • 0351-61561

C-Medical Bus Counter

  • 63144

Newmarket Bus Counter

  • 71085

Kollanpur Bus Counter

  • 63222

Ved Vevi Bazar Bus Counter

  • 62310

Raujan Bus Counter

  • 01811173643

Ranirhat Bus Counter

  • 62310

Indra Pur Bus Counter

  • 01191125047

Unique Bus Counter Sylhet

The unique bus service has many bus counters in Sylhet. They have their bus counter in Mania center bus counter, Purbo Dargha gate bus counter, Sobhamighat Bus Counter, Kodomtoli bus counter, etc. We have collected all of there numbers in the following for you.

Mania center Bus Counter

  • 03894557800

Purbo Dargha gate Bus Counter

  • 03894557801

Sobhami ghat Bus Counter

  • 03894557802
  • 01963-622247

Kodomtoli  Bus Counter

  • 03894557803
  • 01963-622248

Jamuna market Bus Counter

  • 03894557804

Humayun Chattar Bus Counter

  • 01963-622244

Unique Bus Counter Jhenaidah

In Jhenaidah, the Unique Bus service has two bus counters. One is located in Jhenaidah Sadar and another is in Kotchad Pur. If you want to contact them, please do this with the following numbers.

Jhenaidah Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01712-569372

Kotchad Pur Bus Counter

  • 01719-563645

Unique Bus Counter Khulna

There is only one bus counter of the Unique bus available in Khulna district. This counter is located in the Khulna Sadar and the name of the counter is Khulna Sadar bus counter.

Khulna Sadar Bus Counter

  • The contact number of this counter is missing. If you somehow got their contact number, please let us know. We will add here.

Unique Bus Counter Meherpur

In Meherpur, the Unique Bus counter has only one bus counter, as we can see below. The bus counter of the Unique Bus counter in Meherpur is located on the Darshana bus counter. We have given their counter number.

Darshana Bus Counter

  • 01712-816991

I have tried to share all information about the Unique Bus service’s administration here in this article.  Be back again for all kinds of information about bus service in Bangladesh.