Unique Bus Counter Dhaka

Unique Bus Counter Dhaka

‘Unique’ is the name of a bus transport company in Bangladesh. It is a well-known bus transport service provider in Dhaka. They have so many bus counters there. Thousands of people travel on their bus each working day. It is a local bus service in Dhaka. It means, Unique bus only runs within the Dhaka district. Usually, local buses only move within the district or division. We got some information about the Unique bus service in Dhaka. We have got their exact bus counter address. We have got their contact numbers of those bus counters. And all those information were given below.

Unique Bus Counter Dhaka

There are twelve bus counters of the Unique bus service in Dhaka. The number can be more or less a bit. But we have got their twelve bus counter’s details today. Unique bus service has its bus counter in Gabtoli, Kallanpur, Asadgate, Shukrabad, Fakirapul, Komlapur, Saydabad, Chittagong road bus counter, Kochukhet, Mirpur-10, Nardda, Gopalbagh, etc. All of their numbers were given in the following.
Gabtoli Bus Counter

  • 01190-806447
  • 0290027710,
  • 01963-622223

Kallanpur Bus Counter

  • 01197-160992

Asadgate Bus Counter

  • 9233810
  • 029133917
  • 01963-622255

Shukrabad Bus Counter

  • 01190-806448

Fakirapul Bus Counter

  • 011190806449
  • 027195761
  • 027195988
  • 01963-622226
  • 01963-622227

Komlapur Bus Counter

  • 9337846

Saydabad Bus Counter

  • 01191406367
  • 02-7546377
  • 01963-622234

Chittagong Road Bus Counter

  • 01819-692979
  • 01963-622237
  • 01819-692079

Kachukhet Bus Counter

  • 01711023886

Mirpur 10 Bus Counter

  • 02-8054813
  • 01963-622240

Nardda Bus Counter

  • 01963-622238
  • 01559-666468

Golapbagh Bus Counter

  • 02-7540027
  • 01963-622232

We have already provided more than 26 contact numbers of Unique bus counters in Dhaka. As we can see, they have twelve counters in Dhaka right now. We have provided all of their numbers on the upper list. You can call them to know about any information related to their bus service. You can ask about the Unique bus ticket price, or schedule, etc. I hope you have liked this article. Stay with us for the more exciting bus-related article.