Unique Bus Counter Chittagong

Unique Bus Counter Chittagong

There are many luxury buses in Bangladesh; Unique Bus is one of them. They provide both luxury and normal bus service. Unique Bus is a well-known bus services company in Bangladesh. This article will give you some special information about the unique Bus counter in Chittagong. If you think to travel somewhere by the Unique Bus, this article will be helpful for you. Keep your reading.

Unique Bus Counter Chittagong

Unique Bus Counter services are very peaceful. The authorities are so careful. There are ten Unique Bus Counters in Chittagong district; these are Navy hospital Bus Counter, E.P.Z Road Bus Counter, Halis Pur Bus Counter, Vatiari Bazar Bus Counter, Sitakundu Bus Counter, Baiyar Hut Bus Counter, Dam Para Bus Counter, Sheikh Mujib Road Bus Counter, A.K Khan Road Bus Counter, and Part Connection Road Bus Counter. Those Counter phone number given blew

Navy hospital Bus Counter

  • 031-800351
  • 01963-622257

E.P.Z Road Bus Counter

  • 800351

Halis Pur Bus Counter

  • 724373

Vatiari Bazar Bus Counter

  • 04433320269

Sitakundu Bus Counter

  • 04434484686

Baiyar Hut Bus Counter

  • 01819613116

Dam Para Bus Counter

  • 01724452007

Sheik Mujib Road Bus Counter

  • 01197292397

A.K Khan Road Bus Counter

  • 2770983

3 Part Connection Road Bus Counter

  • 751108

Unique Bus counter is a privately owned company in Bangladesh. Please write your comments below regarding their services if you have already traveled by Unique Bus Counter Chittagong.