Surovi Paribahan Bus Counter Patuakhali

Surovi Paribahan Bus Counter Patuakhali

Every hundred buses run from one district to another district carrying passengers day by day. Surovi Paibahan is one of them. Surovi Paibahan is a well-known bus transport. It gives the best facilities to the passengers. Every day many people travel by Surovi Paribahan. It has many bus counters in Bangladesh. Surovi Paribahan Bus Counter in Patuakhali is a well-known bus counter.  Everyday many people are trying to know information about this bus counter. If you want to know about the Surovi Paribahan bus counter in Patuaskhali, read the following carefully.

Surovi Paribahan Bus Counter Patuakhali

Patuakhali bus counters of Surovi Paribahan is important because from Patuakhali many people travel different district every day. Suruvi bus transport has five counters in Patuakhali. They are the Patuakhali bus counter, Subivadkhali bus counter, Kalapara or Khepupara bus counter, Lebukhali bus counter, Mahipur bus counter, etc. I have added all of their contact numbers along with their counter names. So peruse this following article carefully.

Patuakhali Bus Counter

  • 01753-209403

Subivadkhali Bus Counter

  • 01721-328103

Kalapara or Khepupara Bus Counter

  • 01728-414914

Lebukhali Bus Counter

  • 01756-635198

Mahipur Bus Counter

  • 01748-538466

I always try to add current and update information. If you face any problem or any of their counter numbers don’t work, please don’t stress. This information may change at any time. It totally depends on them. We trust these numbers are as of now active. We will attempt to refresh it and update it soon. Have a pleasant journey. Please keep coming back to our site for all new updates.