Shoukhin Paribahan Bus Counter With Contact Information

Shoukhin Paribahan Bus Counter With Contact Information

Shoukhin Paribahan is a bus travel service in Bangladesh. They have their bus counter in our capital Dhaka and also in Jessore. Shoukhin Paribahan is a known bus service for many travelers. Many people travel every day through this Shoukhin Paribahan. And people often search for information about this bus service. So it is important to get all of the information about the Shoukhin Paribahan Bus Counter on one page. We’ve been trying to provide that. In today’s article, you will find Shoukhin Paribahan’s bus counters in Dhaka and also in Jessore and Khulna.

Shoukhin Paribahan Bus Counter Number

We will be providing bus counters number in Dhaka and Jessore city of Shoukhin Paribahan. There are more than two bus counters of Shoukhin Paribahan in one district. We will provide every counter number in the following. Check out to know the contact number of the Shoukhin Paribahan Bus Counter.

Shoukhin Paribahan Bus Counter Dhaka

In Dhaka, Shoukhin Paribahan has many bus counters. They have a bus counter in Kalabagan, They have a bus counter in Kalyanpur, Gabtoli. We have given those counters number in the following. You can contact any of these counter numbers to know the answer to your question.
Kalabagan Bus Counter

  • 01787-116817

Kalyanpur Bus Counter

  • 01756-114077

Gabtoli Bus Counter

  • 01727-9350770

Shoukhin Paribahan Bus Counter Jessore

Shoukhin Paribahan has also many bus counters in Jessore. As well as Dhaka. They have bus counter in Monihar, they have their bus counter in Gari Khana, New Market. If you want to contact with these bus counters. You can do it easily from the following number.
Monihar Bus Counter

  • 01796-234544
  • 01775-006623

GARI KHANA Bus Counter

  •  01791-971491

New Market Bus Counter

  • 01918-877047
  • 01710-701130

Shoukhin Paribahan Bus Counter Khulna

In Khulna city, Shoukhin Paribahan also has more than two bus counters. As we can see, Shoukhin Paribahan has three bus counters in Khulna. They have their bus counter in Sonadanga, Khulna Royal, and Paikagacha. If you need to know some information about this bus counter, you can contact them with the following number we have provided.
Khulna Royal Bus Counter

  • 01724-514132
  • 01711-113928

Sonadanga Bus Counter

  • 01724-477089

Paikgacha Bus Counter

  • 01759-201803

That is all for Shoukhin Paribahan. We hope you have liked this article. We have tried our best to provide you those counters numbers. If you think we have mistaken on something, please let us know by putting a comment below. Be back again for all bus service related articles.