Orin Travels Bus Counters

Orin Travels Bus Counters

Orin Travels is a popular bus service in Dhaka and Gaibandha. Orin Travel has many bus counters in the capital of our country. And also in the Gaibandha district. They are really good at their service. People travel every day through this Orin Travels. And often so many people look for their nearest bus counter number of Orin Travels. Because people need information about the bus schedule, bus ticket price, etc., today, in this article, we will provide their bus counter’s contact number. Read this full article to know all of them.

Orin Travels Bus Counters Number

There are so many reasons people finding Orin Travels contact number. So it is crucial to provide their all counter’s number on one page. We’ve tried to do so. You will find Orin Travel’s counter’s number in Dhaka. And there will also be Orin Travels Bus counter in Gaibandha.

Orin Travels Bus Counter Dhaka

In Dhaka, Orin Travels has many bus counters. They have bus counters in many different places in our capital. They have their bus counter in Kalyanpur, Gabtoli, Savar, Baipail, and other places. We have given their contact number of exact places of the bus counter of Orin Travels. Check out the bus counter in Dhaka of Orin Travels below.

Kalyanpur Counter (KHAJA MARKET)

  • 01785-993004

Gabtoli Counter (RAJOB ALI MARKET)

  • 01785-993008

Savar bus Stand Counter

  • 01785-992996


  • 01755-431572

Mohakhali Counter

  • 01741-411455

Abdullahpur Counter

  • 01741-220167

Sing  Board Counter ( BOARD BAZAR)

  • 01741-220408

Gazipur Chaurasta Counter (BhOGra Bypass)

  • 01741-220346

Konabari Counter

  • 01741-220539

Orin Travels Bus Counter Gaibandha

Orin Travels is also well known in the Gaibandha district. It has so many bus counter in so many places there. We have got more than 4 counters number of Orin Travels in Gaibandha. We have given those contact numbers of the exact bus counter of Orin Travels in Gaibandha. You will find those counters’ places and the contact number in the following.

Gaibandha Counter 1 No traffic MORE

  • 01764-201108

Gaibandha Bus Terminal Counter

  • 01764-201109


  • 01761-086500

Palash BARI Counter

  • 01749-454967

Gobindaganj Counter

  • 01761-084141, 05423-75302

That is all for Orin Travels bus counters. We have given more than ten bus counters contact number of Orin Travels in Bangladesh. We provided some bus counter’s contact number in Dhaka and also some from Gaibandha. You can contact them directly from your phone. You can ask Orin Travels about their bus schedule and ticket price. And any questions related to their service.