Modern Line Bus Counter In Dhaka

Modern Line Bus Counter In Dhaka

Modern Line Bus is a well-known bus transport service in Bangladesh. They have all the luxurious buses which provide the tranquility services to the passengers. Are you want to travel by the Modern Line bus from Dhaka? I hope you may need to know some information about their services. That’s why I am going to write about the Modern Line bus counter in Dhaka. Read this article attentively to gather your necessary information.

Modern Line Bus Counter In Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Every day a lot of peoples are coming to Dhaka and going from Dhaka. Some of them are using buses as their travel vehicle. There are so many buses available in Dhaka. The Modern Line Bus is one of the popular buses in Dhaka. They have a total of 9 counters in different places of Dhaka, these are Kallanpur Bus Counter, Shamoly Bus Counter, Technical Bus Counter, Gabtoli Bus Counter, Kolabagan Bus Counter, Fakirapul Bus Counter, Saydabad Bus Counter, Tongi Bus Counter, and Chittagong Road Bus Counter. All the counters have different contact numbers. Have a look in below and collect the contact number that you want.

Kallanpur Bus Counter

Phone No: 8021318

Mobile No: 01191546554

Mobile No: 01711985535

Shamoly Bus Counter

Mobile No: 01190084577

Technical Bus Counter

Mobile No: 01191491253

Gabtoli Bus Counter

Phone No: 8016099

Mobile No: 01195412300

Kolabagan Bus Counter

Mobile No: 01190867207

Fakirapul Bus Counter

Mobile No: 01190867208

Mobile No: 01190867209

Saydabad Bus Counter

Mobile No: 01190867211

Mobile No: 01190874663

Mobile No: 01190867212

Tongi Bus Counter

Mobile No: 01711076330

Chittagong Road Bus Counter

Mobile No: 01190867214

All the contact numbers collected from a valid source. I hope you are benefited from the information. But you know the contact numbers are changeable, it can be changed at any time. If the number does not work, let me know quickly. Thank for visiting this site.