Karnofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Rangpur

Karnofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Rangpur

The bus is a popular transport system in Bangladesh. The Karnofuli Paribahan is one of the popular and good-quality bus services in Bangladesh. Here I am going to write an informative article about Karnofuli Paribahan Bus Rangpur counters. I hope this article will be helpful for you when you travel to other places in Bangladesh from Rangpur through the Karnofuli Paribahan Bus.

Karnofuli Paribahan Bus Counter Rangpur

Now Rangpur is a division of Bangladesh, a lot of peoples are regularly traveling to several places from Rangpur by using the Karnofuli bus service. There are three Karnofuli bus counters in Rangpur these are Vulli Bus Counter, Vurangamai Bus Counter, and Pabra Bus Counter. Below I have added the contact numbers of these counters. To know any information easily contact them by using these contact numbers.

Vulli Bus Counter

  • 01723-275447

Vurangamai Bus Counter

  • 01723-206933

Pabra Bus Counter

  • 01913-813894

The contact numbers can be changed at any time if the number not working let us know through comment. We will try to update it quickly. If you like this article leave a comment, we are waiting for your valuable comments.