Easy 5 Way To Decrease Traffic Jam On Bus Traveling

Easy 5 Way To Decrease Traffic Jam On Bus Traveling

Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in Asia. Overpopulation is the main problem in this country. For overpopulation, there are many problems that occur in this country and the traffic jam is one of the most horrible from them. Peoples usually face traffic jams while they are traveling by bus from one place to another place. Here you have able to know about some reasons for traffic jams and some ways to decrease this problem. If you think this article will be interested to you, read it carefully.

Impact Of Traffic Jam In Bangladesh

The Impact of traffic jams in Bangladesh is very terrible. Bangladesh has to pay the price for this problem. According to the information of VOT in 2008, per annum Bangladesh losing 11,763 crore BDT due to the traffic jam. But Presently this terrible problem increase multiplied. Not only the economy side this problem has many bad effects on normal human life. I think the solution should become out of this horrible problem as soon as possible. From below you are going to know about the reason for traffic jams and ways to increase this problem. Keep your reading.

Reasons For The Traffic Jam

If I am going to say about the reasons for Traffic Jam in our country, it will be infinite. In Bangladesh, there are a lot of reasons for traffic jam, but here I am going to show you some practical problems that are directly responsible for the Traffic Jam. The reasons are given below by point. Have a look.

  • Traffic rule violation.
  • lack of Planning of city road.
  • Low road space.
  • Unplanned stoppage/ parking.
  • Different speed vehicles.
  • Overpopulation.
  • Rickshaw.
  • Insufficient road.
  • Lack of law implementation.
  • Private car.
  • Important establishments in Dhaka.
  • Lack of driving training/ sense.

Possibly 5 way To Decrease Traffic Jam

In my opinion, the best effective way to mitigating traffic congestion in Bangladesh is to control the number of vehicles. It is normal to have a traffic jam when the level of vehicles increases. It is not the only way to increase traffic jams, there are many possible ways available for solving this horrible problem. Below I am going to discuss these, keep reading:

  • Building Public Awareness

Building public awareness is the best way to increase this horrible problem. Because peoples are directly responsible for traffic jam. To reduce traffic congestion in Bangladesh, the most vital prerequisite is the development of public awareness. Unless and until people change their perception and develop a mind to abide by traffic rules, whatever strategy Government takes, that will not work properly. Law-abiding consciousness, good-intention, and sincere co-operation can remarkably reduce traffic jams in Dhaka city.

  • Making Enough Flyovers

Flyovers can be a possible solution to the current traffic condition of Dhaka city. If flyovers can be constructed on the main roads then the vehicles can move on the roads as well as on the flyovers at the same time. That will surely reduce the load on the busy roads.

  • Controlling The Number Of Vehicle

The number of vehicles in Bangladesh is increasing at a certain rate, but roads are not being built/reform along with it. The countless of the vehicle is the most effective reason for the traffic jam In Bangladesh. And that’s why the Bangladeshi government should take the step to control the number of vehicles.

  • Strict Traffic Law Implementation

23% of people in Bangladesh think that traffic jams can be reduced by implementing traffic law strictly. If all types of vehicle drivers follow the traffic rules properly then it can surely decrease the load on the road and improve the current scenario.

  • Subway Making

Subway making will be a solution to increase traffic jams in busy cities like Dhaka. Subway can access vehicles all over the city and reduce traffic jams.

  • Removing rickshaw

Only the Dhaka city has eighty-five thousand legal rickshaws whereas it has more than six lakh rickshaws. In many busy city rikshaw one of a cause for the traffic jam. According to a survey of the traffic jam, 18% of people think that rickshaw should be removed from the city area, at least from the main roads, to improve the current traffic condition in Bangladesh.

All the information in this article based on the internet. Sometimes I have used my personal opinion on this article. If you not agree with me, let me inform your opinion by a comment on the below comment box. Bangladeshi Bus related information is available on this site, read another article. Thank you.