Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Barisal

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Barisal

The Eagle Paribahan is one of the popular and luxurious bus services in Bangladesh. This is especially familiar in Barishal. This transport provides the best service to the passengers. So most of the people are attracted to Eagle Paribahan Bus Transport.  This article is for you if you are looking for important information about Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter In Barishal. Read this article carefully and gather the information that you want.

Eagle Paribahan Bus Counter Barisal

Eagle Paribahan is a well-known bus transport in Barishal. Every day many people travel by transport to different places in Barishal.  Eagle Paribahan has many bus counters in Barisal. These are the Rahmatpur bus counter, Barisha bus counter, Sanauhar bus counter, Barisal Gouronodi bus counter, Rajouri bus counter, Barishal Bhaurghta bus counter, Nesarabad Upazela bus counter, Mathbaria bus counter, Bhandaria Upazela bus counter, Jhalakathi bus counter, Khepupara bus counter, Patuakhali bus counter, Barguna bus counter, Kuakata bus counter, Barguna Amtoli bus counter, Galachipa bus counter, Amua Kanthalia bus counter. So read this carefully and pick up the data that you need.

Rahmatpur Bus Counter

  • 01754-905187

Barisal Central Bus Counter

  • 0431-62975
  • 01712-562762

Sanauhar Bus Counter

  • 01716-558161

Barisal Gaurnadi Bus Counter

  • 01712-857312
  • 01724-323281

Rajoir Bus Counter

  • 01716-212247

Barisal Bhaurghata Bus Counter

  •  01711-008028

Nesarabad Upazila Bus Counter

  • 01727-570271

Mathbaria Bus Counter

  • 01713-952284

Bhandaria Upazila Bus Counter

  • 01718-679116

Jhalakathi Bus Counter

  • 01716-422580

Khepupara Bus Counter

  • 01760-277706

Patuakhali Bus Counter

  •  01723-399094

Barguna Bus Counter

  • 01736-768008

Kuakata Bus Counter

  • 01710-594170

Barguna Amtali Bus Counter

  • 01728-562916

Galachipa Bus Counter

  • 01748-902613

Amua, Kanthalia Bus Counter

  • 01742-661143

The information given here in this article may be could change at any time. But I tried to provide the correct and update information, especially the counter’s contact number. If you have more information, please inform us immediately or if you face any trouble, leave a comment below.