Darsana Deluxe Bus Counter

Darsana Deluxe Bus Counter

Darsana Deluxe is a popular bus travel agency. Darsana Deluxe provides you bus transportation services for the southern part of Bangladesh. In this article, I defined Darsana Deluxe all counters locations and contact numbers information. Keep your reading.

Darsana Deluxe Bus Counter Number

A total of 13 counters of Darsana Deluxe are located in different places in Bangladesh. These counters’ contact numbers and locations are given below. Keep reading.

Darsana Deluxe Bus Counter Dhaka

This bus has three counters in Dhaka, Mazar Road Bus Counter, Gabatali Bus Counter, Chandra Bus Counter. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, and the main transportation service of Dhaka depends on Bus. But if you want to travel somewhere outside of Dhaka, like the southern part of Bangladesh. Then I suggest Darsana Deluxe for travel.

Mazar Road Bus Counter

  • 01737-813650

Gabatali Bus Counter

  • 01737-813651
  • 01712-417766
  • 01712-552272

Chandra Bus Counter

  • 01721-655968

Darsana Deluxe Bus Counter Chuadanga

There are a total of 07 Darsana Deluxe bus counters located in the different places of Chuadanga district. These counters’ contact numbers are given below. If you have any queries, please contact these at the one counter and know more about your trip.

Chuadanga Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01713-911660

Chandrabus Bus Counter

  • 01721-655968

Kor dashatanga Bus Counter

  • 01728-738586

Dorsona Bus Counter

  • 01711-136981

Jibon Nagar Bus Counter

  • 01711-162773

Hashadah Bus Counter

  • 01712-640379

Damushuda Bus Counter

  • 01718-256533

Darsana Deluxe Bus Counter Jhenaidah

Jhenaidah district is located in the southern part of Bangladesh. Many historical places are located in the district of  Jhenaidah. Galakata Mosque, Dhol Somudur, etc. Darsana Deluxe bus service is available in Jhenaidah. Jhenaidah Sadar bus counter, Kotchadpur, Kaligonj Bus Counter, these 03 counters are located in the Jhenaidah district. These counters’ contact numbers are given below for your convenience.

Jhenaidah Sadar Bus Counter

  • 01711-136983

Kotchadpur Bus Counter

  • 01711-136982
  • 01715-676931

Kaligonj Bus Counter

  • 01711-352265

If you want a comfortable journey, money is not a matter. But some practical reasons may occur at any time. Like counters, contact numbers, and location change. If you face these types of problems. Please let us know by commenting below. Thank you.