Bilash Paribahan Bus Counter

Bilash Paribahan Bus Counter

In this article, I am going to discuss with you about Bilash Paribahan bus counter. If you want to travel by Bilash Paribahan and enjoy the services of Bilash Paribahan, this article is only for you. Keep reading and know more about Bilash Paribahan.

Bilash Paribahan Bus Counter Number

In Bangladesh, I found a total of 08 counters of Bilash Paribahan. These counters’ contact numbers and locations are added below for your pleasure. If you have any queries, please collect all these counters numbers and location contact those of the one counter to know more.

Bilash Paribahan Bus Counter Dhaka

Bilash Paribahan’s three counters are located in the Dhaka district. Manikganj, Saydabad, and Chittagong Road these three places located in Bilash Paribahan Dhaka counters. These three counters help you by providing Bilash Paribahan services.

Manikganj Bus Counter

  • 01718-918381

Saydabad Bus Counter

  • 01712-693636
  • 01916-0190960
  • 01711-696506
  • 01818-569054
  • 01711-696506
  • 01711-355409

Chittagong Road Bus Counter

  • 01710-192117
  • 01712-699819

Bilash Paribahan Bus Counter Noakhali

Noakhali district is located in the southern part of Bangladesh. In the Noakhali district, I found a total of five counters of Bilash Paribahan bus. These counters are located around the Noakhali district. If you want to travel from the Noakhali district by Bilash Paribahan, these counters will help you by providing tickets, schedules, information, etc.

Chowmohoni Bus Counter

  • 032152209

Pablie gate Bus Counter

  • 01711-707423
  • 01670-542642

Sonapur Bus Counter

  • 0321-62675
  •  0171-6873527
  • 01712-602091

Myjd Bus Counter

  • 0321-61326
  •  01712-599296
  • 01712-771962

Majjdi Bazar Bus Counter

  • 01716-713319
  • 01725-055711
  • 01723-300988
  • 0172-1029588

It’s my pleasure to provides you all the information, which is all related to Bilash Paribahan. If you want to travel to a better bus travel agency, I will suggest you travel by Bilash Paribahan. Because Bilash Paribahan provides you a comfortable and safe journey.