Al Arafa Bus Counter In Lakshmipur

Al Arafa Bus Counter In Lakshmipur

As a transport vehicle, the bus has become very popular in Bangladesh. Today I am going to write about the Al Arafa Bus counters in Lakshmipur. Al Arafa is a very familiar private bus transport company in Bangladesh. This long route bus runs almost all-over Bangladesh. Peoples of Lakshmipur are glad for the Al Arafa Bus because this transport company has all luxurious buses. Sometimes peoples search for Al Arafa Bus Sylhet counters; this article is going to write for them. If you one of them, read it carefully.

Al Arafa Bus Counter In Lakshmipur

Lakshmipur is a district of Bangladesh. You know the Al Arafa Bus is an inter-district bus transport agency in Bangladesh they have their almost all districts in Bangladesh. In Lakshmipur, this bus agency has three counters: Pan Para Bus Counter, Sonapur Bus Counter, and Hazi Gonj Bus Counter. All the counters have different contact numbers; I have added all the contact numbers below for your convenience. To know your journey related information, call the counters.

Pan Para Bus Counter

  • 01718-029482

Sonapur Bus Counter

  • 01716-761543

Hazi Gonj Bus Counter

  • 01716074298

I hope you will be benefited from this article. All the information on this article was collected from a valid source. But you know some things are changeable like contact numbers, counters locations, etc. If the above contact numbers do not work, don’t worry, inform me quickly by a comment. Stay connected for the next update.