JR Paribahan Bus Counter With Contact Number

JR Paribahan Bus Counter With Contact Number

JR Paribahan is a familiar bus service in Bangladesh. JR Paribahan has many bus counters in many districts. And many people regularly travel through this JR Paribahan from one place to another. So it is really important to know some details about them. Often you need the contact number of their bus counter. That is why we are here today with their bus counter’s exact location and contact number. Read this full article to know more.

JR Paribahan Bus Counter Number

Sometimes, it is significant to know JR Paribahan’s bus counter number. since you regularly need to realize the travel schedule, ticket cost, or other data identified with their travel administration. This why it is significant. What’s more, we have gathered their mobile numbers of various bus counters in many districts.

JR Paribahan Bus Counter DHAKA

In the capital of Bangladesh, JR Paribahan has many bus counters. As we can see below, they have their bus counter in Kalyanpur, Gabtoli, Chandra, etc. We have collected those numbers and provided it to you.

Dhaka Bus Counter

  • 01717-657799
  • 01711-175551
  • 01717-657799
  • 01767-280294

Kalyanpur Bus Counter

  • 01767-280295
  • 01767-280296

Gabtoli Bus Counter

  • 01737-813650
  • 01737-813651

Chandra Bus Counter

  • 01767-280291

JR Paribahan Bus Counter Chittagong

In Chittagong, JR Paribahan has only one bus counter. We have collected the contact number of JR Paribahan’s bus counter in Chittagong. And we have given that number in the following for you. If you need to contact them in Chittagong, you can do this with this below number.
Chittagong Bus Counter

  •  01872-542526

JR Paribahan Bus Counter Chuadanga

JR Paribahan has three bus counters in Chuadanga district. If you need to contact the JR Paribahan’s bus counter in Chuadanga you can do this from these numbers we have provided below. They have their bus counters in Ali Hossain Super Market, Jibon Nagar, Darshan, etc.

Ali Hossain Super Market Bus Counter

  • 0761-62699
  • 01711-131125
  • 01919-131125

Jibon Nagar Bus Counter

  • 01737-813656

Darshan Bus Counter

  • 01737-813600
  • 01737-813657
  • 01737-813661

JR Paribahan Bus Counter Meherpur

As we can see, JR Paribahan has many bus counters in Meherpur. We have tried to provide their exact location of the bus counters and also the contact. Which is necessary for all. Check out their contact numbers in the following.

Meherpur Bus Counter

  • 01767-280280

Nimtala Bus Counter

  • 01711-232788

Gangni Bus Counter

  • 01710-034979
  • 01767-280281

Mujib Nagar Bus Counter

  • 01716-042645
  • 01737-813660

Banshbaria Bus Counter

  • 01977-034127
  • 01711-034127

JR Paribahan Bus Counter Jhenaidah

In Jhenaidah, JR Paribahan has two bus counters. And these two bus counters have three different numbers to contact. If you need to contact the Jhenaidah branch of the JR Paribahan bus service, you can easily do this by dialing these below numbers.

Jhenaidah Bus Counter

  • 01711-168043
  • 01192-053117

Kaliganj Bus Counter

  • 01737-813652

JR Paribahan Bus Counter Magura

In the Magura district, JR Paribahan has only one bus counter. As we can see below. It is located in the Magura Bus Counter. We have got their contact number and provided below. If you need to contact with the Magura Branch of JR Paribahan, you can easily do this.

Magura Bus Counter

  • 01714-778844

JR Paribahan Bus Counter Kushtia

In the last, we have JR Paribahan’s bus counter details of Kushita district. If you need to contact or need to know the contact number of JR Paribahan’s bus counters, you can easily know these from below. We have provided their contact number.

Khaleskundi Bus Counter

  •  01767-280284

Mirpur Bus Counter

  • 01767-280286

Kushtia Bus Counter

  • 01767-280287

Bheramara Bus Counter

  • 01767-280288

If you need to know their bus schedule, ticket price, or other information. You can call them directly and ask these questions. You can ask any of their bus service-related questions. We hope this article helped you. Please be back again for more bus details of Bangladesh.